Tutorial: Private Photo Event

A Private Photo Event is a unique opportunity for its organizer, whether a Photographer or a Model, to monetize their talent. The organizer sets the price from those available in the list and other LiveStage users can join such an event and take photos only by purchasing an invite.

In this tutorial you will learn everything about Private Events. We’ll show you how to create and promote Private Events, and how to purchase an invite for a Private Event.

Creating a Private Photo Event

1. To create a Private Event, please navigate to the Photo Event Creation page by clicking on the red circular button as shown in the picture.
2. Select “Private”.
3. Add the Cover for your Event.

4. Write a short but descriptive Event title.
5. Add a detailed description so that LiveStage users can familiarize themselves with the concept of your Event.
6. Mark the Event location.
7. Select categories that best fit your Event.

8. Tap on the field to open the calendar and schedule the Private Event for a specific date and time, and specify the duration of the Event.
Note that you can schedule a Private Event no earlier than 10 days before the date of the Event. The duration of the Photo Event can be either 30 minutes or 1 hour.
9. Choose the invite price. Please note that users may see different currency and pricing when purchasing an invite depending on their region. Pricing in different regions is subject to Google Play Market and Apple Store.
10. Add banking information to receive funds.

11. Choose your role: Lead Photographer or Model.
12. Add event co-authors. If you’re the Lead Photographer, you can add a model or multiple models. If you’re a Model, you can add a Lead Photographer as well as other models if there are several participating.
Please note that you can only invite users who follow you to avoid spam.
Also, note that all co-authors have to accept invitations, and all models have to sign the E-Model release. Only after this, LiveStage users can purchase invites for your Private Event.
13. Tap Create Photo Event Button.

14. Carefully read the Warning and click Okay. If you’re a Model, sign the E-Model Release. After that, you’ll receive a notification that your Private Event has been created, and you’ll be able to see it on your page under the “My Events” tab. The event will be displayed on your page and all the co-authors’ pages and any co-author will be able to Go Live as shown on the screenshots.

Promoting a Private Photo Event

Your followers will receive a notification that you’ve created a Private Event, and they’ll see your Event under the “Upcoming” tab on their pages. To promote your Event, you can copy the link to your Private Event and share it outside the LiveStage app. When LiveStage users taps on the link, they’ll be directed to your Event page and will be able to purchase an invite. People who are not yet LiveStage users will be suggested to download the app firstly.

Payment for invites is processed through Apple In-App Purchases and Google In-App Purchases. After purchasing, the user will see the Private Event under the “Purchased” tab and can join the Event at the scheduled time. The “Buy an Invite” button will change to “Purchased” status after the purchase. When the Event’s Co-Author starts it, the button will become active, and it will say “Join the Event.”

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at support@livestage.app.