Preparing for an event: Tutorial for Models

In this tutorial, we will explain what you need to do if you have been invited as a model to a Photo Event on LiveStage.

1. Registration

1.1. First and foremost, you need to download the application. Find LiveStage on the App Store or Google Play Market, or use these links to open the app page for iPhone and for Android.

1.2. Next, you need to register. The registration form is quite simple. Please note that while we ask you to provide an address, which is necessary for you to sign the E-Model release in the application, NO ONE sees it. Also, NO ONE sees your email, as the address and email are not displayed in your account, and these fields are hidden in the model release that you sign with photographers.

1.3. After that, it is essential for you to find the photographer who invited you on LiveStage and follow them; otherwise, they won’t be able to invite you as a model to the Photo Event.

1.3.1. We also recommend the photographer to follow you.

2. Public Photo Event

Coordinate with the Lead Photographer whose device will initiate the Public Photo Event. We recommend using the most up-to-date device available. For example, if the Lead Photographer has an iPhone 14 Pro and you have an iPhone 15 Pro, it would be better to start the photo event from your device.

If the Lead Photographer initiates the Public Photo Event from their device

2.1. If the Lead Photographer initiates the Public Photo Event from their device, you will receive a notification that you have been invited as a participant in the Photo Event. Accept the invitation, review the model release, and sign it. Afterward, your Lead Photographer can start the Public Photo Event with you.

If you start a Public Photo Event from your device

2.2. Before starting the photo event from your device, ensure that the Lead Photographer is following you on LiveStage.

2.3. Press the red button as shown in the screenshot, enter the Title, Location, Categories that best fit your Photo Event, and select the Model role.

2.4. Tag the Lead Photographer and other models, if any, and press “Create Photo Event.”

2.5. Wait until all invited users accept the invitations. After everyone has accepted, press “Start Photo Event” and hand over the phone to your Lead Photographer.

3. Private Photo Event

3.1. A Private Photo Event can also be initiated from any device, but there can only be one organizer (for example, if the photographer invited you, then they are the organizer).

3.2. The organizer creates the private event as shown in the Tutorial: Private Photo Event and sends you an invite as a model. You accept it the same way as for a public photo event (as indicated above).

3.3. Once you accept the invite, the event will be displayed on your page and the photographer’s page, and any of you can Go Live.

VERY IMPORTANT: During the LiveStage event, do the same as you would when modeling in front of a camera. Even though you won’t hear the familiar sound of the shutter during the event, help those who are photographing you remotely to capture the best shots:

  • Move smoothly.
  • Pause for half a second to a second in a winning pose to allow users to capture a successful shot.
  • Try to freeze your whole body, including your arms, legs, and face.

These simple rules will help your online photographers get perfect shots.

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