Tutorial: Public Photo Event

Public Photo Events are an opportunity for talented photographers and vibrant models to help photo enthusiasts from around the world capture beautiful photos FOR FREE. You can also use this opportunity for participants to try working with you and appreciate the fantastic photos they get before purchasing an invite to your Private Event.

We’ll tell you everything about Public Events in this tutorial.

How does it work?

When you start a Public Event, all your followers recieve a notification about it, and also your Public Event appears in the general feed with Public Events, and all LiveStage users can tap to the Pulse button, see your event and take photos. Users can also scroll through the feed of Public Photo Events to discover new photographers and models, take photos, follow them, and receive updates about their upcoming Private Events.

Creating a Public Photo Event

1. To create a Public Event, please navigate to the Photo Event Creation page by clicking on the red circular button as shown in the picture.
2. Enter the Title, Location, Categories that best fit your Photo Event, and select the Role.
3. Tag the Lead Photographer or the Model(s), if any, and press “Create Photo Event.”
NOTE: you can invite as the Lead Photographer and the Model(s) ONLY people who follow you on LiveStage.
4. Wait until all invited users accept the invitations. After everyone has accepted, press “Start Photo Event”.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at support@livestage.app.